Shatterpoint Development Update #3

Safely building our multiplayer experience

Hi team, what parts of the game are you working on this month?

PvP & Security: At the moment, most of the work that has been done is on the backend, especially dealing with security issues. Unfortunately there are hackers and those who reverse-engineer games and we need to protect our audience from them so this is taking absolute priority for us.

Source: In-game

Is the team growing?

Absolutely, we’ve had a couple of recent new additions to the Block Games team that we’re happy to introduce here:


What are you most excited about in the near future?

We’re thrilled to be starting work very soon on the in-game friends list.

Have you got anything else to share with us?

At the moment we are tackling the all-important but not particularly glamorous backlog which grows by the day. It’s paramount to us that we create the best game possible so this means we take working through the backlog really seriously.

Tell us about the Ambassador Program?

Certainly, we’re thrilled to have an active community of around 150 ambassadors from over 1000 applicants — and applications are still open!

  1. Influencers
  2. Creators
  3. Contributors

Thanks, that was a great update, see you next time!

What to expect from the next update:

In late September we expect to kick off a new and exciting campaign from our roadmap that you will be hearing a lot more about very soon.



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