Shatterpoint Development Update #1

Welcome to the monthly update of Shatterpoint — The World’s First Skill-based, Free-to-Play RPG Blockchain Game For Mobile.

We are a team of game lovers working full-time to develop Shatterpoint for over 9 months now. We have come a long way since then, and we want to keep our community in the loop with what we’re working on. Besides many sneak peeks and behind-the-scenes stuff on our Discord, we’ll also be sharing our monthly progress updates.

Here are some exciting things we worked on during the last month:

Karluq — An Interdimensional Mystic

After the introduction of our mighty five heroes, now we’re introducing the mighty Karluq.

Karluq is a mysterious character who has discovered the secrets of manipulating Quantus, the otherworldly material found in the space between dimensions. He also serves as the guide in the Shatterpoint game for all the players.

Karluq’s main mission is to investigate the causes behind the Shatterpoint effect. He recognizes the connection between Quantus and the space in between dimensions known as the Interstice. Currently, Karluq is using Quantus to maintain his physical form. To further his research into the Shattering Karluq will need help. For this purpose, he is traveling throughout the Interstice, and recruiting Travelers: interdimensional portal hopping adventurers. Their pursuit of glory and power unlocks some of the potential hiding within Quantus. Karluq harvests this mysterious material and shares its power with fellow Travelers. Perhaps one day, the mysteries of the Shattering will be revealed… or purposefully concealed.

Sneak Peek, Character Creation, and Immersion

Players start the game as disembodied Free Awarenesses. Karluq guides the player to their first Vessel, a hero who can attune to the Free Awareness.

At this point, players are given a choice of 5 heroes, each with a unique backstory and different perspectives on the unfolding events. Players can create their first hero and start their interdimensional journey for glory and power in the Shatterpoint Game.

Displaying useful information

As your hero progresses to higher levels, he unlocks Traits, gets better gear, and infuses runes to power up abilities.

We are experimenting with a way of showcasing everything in a consistent and readable manner to the player. This is one of our experiments that is still being worked on, we’re still improving the readability and density of information. Stay tuned for an overhaul coming soon!

Legendary Item Concepts

We have started creating visual concepts of some of our first legendary items that span our initial 3 dimensions.

These equipment pieces will be fully unique with their own icon, visuals, VFX’es, and sound effects. Every legendary item will also have its unique Affixes, ranging from gloves that coat your weapons with a paralyzing agent, or a hypnotizing chest piece that charms enemies, and so much more.

Stay tuned for more info! :)

Follow us on our Twitter @Shatterpointgg and our Discord channel for regular updates and in-game sneak peeks.



The first skill-based, Free-to-Play, blockchain action RPG game for mobile!

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The first skill-based, Free-to-Play, blockchain action RPG game for mobile!