MagicEden X Shatterpoint

We’ve announced our Founder’s Collection Hero NFT launchpad!

2 min readNov 24, 2022


We are absolutely thrilled to have shared the announcement that our free Shatterpoint Founder’s Collection Hero Mint will be launching exclusively on MagicEden, as they implement Polygon blockchain integration.

Shatterpoint will be one of their first Polygon projects!

Magic Eden are aligned with our values around safety features and will bring new audience members to our community.


The mint is due to take place in mid-December with the exact date and time to be confirmed. Tier 1 whitelisters will enjoy a guaranteed mint a short period of time before the mint will open to Tier 2 whitelisters and then the public.

About Magic Eden:

Source: Continuing our multi-chain vision with Polygon (

The Magic Eden Launchpad is a cross-chain launch partner for Solana, Ethereum and now Polygon blockchain NFT projects and games with 10 million unique sessions per month and unparalled launch and post-launch support.

It only accepts 3% of projects that apply to launch with it.

On the recent integration with Polygon, they shared:

“We’re excited to partner closely with industry-leading game developers building on blockchain technology, reach new NFT collectors brought by global brands entering NFTs, and continue unifying cross chain audiences.”

You can learn more about it here:

BlockGames CEO Benas said: “We can’t wait for our upcoming free mint with Magic Eden as the Founder’s Collection Hero NFTs 3333 lucky gamers mint will give them access to our Closed Alpha Test!”

About Shatterpoint:

Shatterpoint by BlockGames is an upcoming free-to-play, play&own web3 mobile game on Polygon that features PVE and PVP game modes, a compelling narrative and unique universe and more.

Players must conquer skirmish and campaign modes, challenge other players in PvP and ultimately attempt to mitigate the damage done by the universe-altering Shattering event.

You can learn more about Shatterpoint on the website:

And the upcoming mint here:

Twitter: Shatterpoint (@Shatterpointgg) / Twitter





The first skill-based, Free-to-Play, blockchain action RPG game for mobile!